Soon to be Released by Menorah Books!
Life in the Shadow of the Just
In the pursuit of health and happiness, we too often become obsessed with the health of the body, at the expense of the spirit. Page after page, the author proves to be an expert “editor” of human character, one who can embrace a fault and transform it to a virtue. This expanded 2nd Edition brings not only the transformative words of the original text, but also personal stories of lives that were transformed by the author’s words, as well as photographs of the author and his remarkable life.
Meir Michel Abehsera, z”l
Release Date: June 2015
The Key to the Locked Garden
Dialogues on the Shabbat & the Mystery of Faith Based on the Teachings of the Arizal, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, Through the Teachings of Rabbi Moshe Lurie.
Simcha Benyosef
Release Date: 2015
The Light of Ephraim
The Ascent from Temptation to Divine Consciousness
Simcha Benyosef
Release Date: Winter 2014