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Intriguing Stories of Kabbala Sages,
Chasidic Masters and Other Jewish Heroes
Yerachmiel Michael Tilles
Available in all eBook formats $9.99

“The stories of Rabbi Tilles are tremendously creative and engaging. Rabbi Tilles enables the reader to enter the life of the story — to experience in a very real and tangible way its feelings, beauty, life and drama ... Rabbi Tilles has an amazing gift and I am very excited that with this new book more people will have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from his stories.” ~ Aaron Schmidt, Editor, “Jewish Living”

Now you can enjoy, read and re-read, stories from Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles’ famed repertoire. Saturday Night Full Moon is a collection of thirty-three Chasidic stories of Kabbalah sages, Chasidic masters and other Jewish heroes dating from 16th Century Israel to 21st Century USA. Fully indexed with biographical information, as well as verses, names, dates and topics, this first volume of Rabbi Tilles’ stories is certain to become an oft-turned-to family treasure.

From the back cover:

“At Ascent in Tsfat on Saturday night, reluctant to relinquish the Shabbat spirit, everyone gathers for ‘King David’s Table’. Sure, it may be that no one is really hungry again, but the main attractions are not the food and hot drink. Instead, following hallowed traditions, all present eagerly attend to the mesmerizing stories told by Ascent co-founder Yerachmiel Tilles....” ~ Chaim Clorfene, Author & Rabbi

About the Author:

Yerachmiel Michael Tilles is a native of the Bronx. In 1965, he graduated from Harpur College (now Binghamton University) at age 20. After becoming Chasidic and getting married, he moved with his family to Israel in 1978 to “the mystical city” of Safed, where he has worked as a teacher, translator, webmaster, seminar designer and director, editor, and manager of an art gallery. Since 1996, he has been emailing a story a week to thousands of readers. One hundred of his best stories have been selected for a three volume set, of which “ Saturday Night, Full Moon” is the first.

The Story Behind the Story Teller!

Click here to read a Q&A interview of Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles by Chabad.org News.

My husband faced a long hospital stay and, of course, we packed our ritual books along with our personal items. One book we took along was Rabbi Yerachmiel Tillis' First Volume of "Saturday Night, Full Moon". My husband enjoys listening to me read the inspirational stories from this book and he really wanted me to read to him in the hospital to buoy his spirits, physically and spiritually. We eagerly look forward to his Second Volume.

~ Moshe & Yaffa Smolensky, Tzfat

The ways of a Jewish People are so opposite of the world that it's staggering! Some of these Truths we have never even "thought of" before! But you teach them in such a beautiful way. Your ways are soft and gentle with each other, and I just love that about the Jewish people. You have so much to teach the world.

~ Annie

You do have a gift for storytelling and I enjoyed reading your stories! Of course, the "Jewish crowd" can relate best, but I think there is a universal appeal too for stories that are well written and teach lessons.

~ Pat Nakanishi, Pearl City, Hawaii

Your stories have been inspiring people for years. In book form, these stories will not only inspire more people, but the stories themselves will be read and reread on a daily basis.

~ Dr. Ruth Benjamin, Clinical Psychologist/ Writer

Dear Yerachmiel: I must commend you on this excellent compendium of stories. As a teacher and a storyteller I try to, only relate those stories which have a source and those that leave one with a mussar haskel-a lesson or inspiration. Well, your book does both! It has both, a source and the preface of the "why when and where" of its relevance. I have retold your stories to both adults and children and the result has been always most gratifying! Yasher Koach! And keep up the great work. Looking forward to future volumes.

~ Rabbi Yisroel Hecht, Director of Cheder Menachem, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles has given us a precious gem.... His selection of stories about real life events & human experience inspire us not just to seek the teachings of Judaism but also to internalize & actualize them in our day to day lives.

~ Keren Horowitz

"Rabbi Yerachmiel ... I really enjoy reading your stories ... it's my bedtime stories. It gives me wonderful restful sleep."

~ Esther Thangjom Schomberg

Yerachmiel Michael Tilles
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